Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Wednesday, January 6, 2010
Question from one of my friend....

Oh, i got few quotation on the wiring for my house, A quated me RM 86 for a plug point whereby, B quoted me RM45...

Would like to share with you all on What to consider in wiring works during right or is the matter of what suit you better. And what make the pricing different.

1) cable size
  • usually for lighting and low wattage usage cabling like TV point we will go for 1.5mm thick cable.
  • high voltage and long usage like fridge, water heater and etc, please go for 2.5mm.
  • Thicker cable will cost you higher.

2) Looping

  1. Looping = the point which continue from the primary point.
  2. The more point it's loop, the capacity consist in each point is lesser.
  • The more looping is, same cluster (light point and etc.)might overload, and again it will harm your appliances (example, light fitting always burn off and etc).

3) Switches control
  • More flexible for you to chose which cluster of light to be on.
  • Dimmer control for halogen (spotlight) - fitting will be more durable.
  • The more switches control, the more works to be done.
Therefore, the charges of the wiring labour will relatively increase.

4) Conduit
  • wiring run in conduit so that if in future, any problem happen to the wiring, it will be easier to classify.
  • more work to be done, therefore, more expensive.
5) Hacking work (conceal wiring)

  • Look neater and nicer.
  • If the wired need to be conceal, more work to be done, labour cost will be higher.
I tried to make this post short (although it is kinda long still..haha...anyway..if you have doubt, feel free to leave message or email me...:)

Friday, January 1, 2010


Friday, January 1, 2010
Lately, i received few question /comment and here, are some of the feedback:

1) Been scrolling up and down, but still don't manage to find your contact..y?

Just added contact number and email...below the blog...thanks for your advice...

2) How do you charge?

We charge as per scope of work.

3) You only show Before and after photo, how close the end result to the proposed drawing?

Of cause it is one of our mission, to build as per proposed design .
Anyhow, there are cases that throughout the renovations process, due to site condition, slight adjustment will be done upon discussion with client, but we will always solve these site problem in regardless of proposed concept. (please refer posting label
drawing-end result)

My pleasure...thanks all

Thanks all...

These 2 weeks...i received couples of new comments asking for my contact..(and i don't really know them....). Been wondering and curious where they actually found this blog...finally..knew friend (my client) is actually promoting this blog in forum. Thanks dear...thanks for your hardwork. Appreciated.

Thanks all for making this blog roll.
Thanks for spending time (or being force) to view this blog...hope that you get the info that you wish to know..

Also feel free to drop me comment on what topic you wish me to discuss bout in future
Interior colour?

and etc..
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