Wednesday, December 30, 2009

drawings to end result- Terrance @ KL

Wednesday, December 30, 2009
This is one of the house which i posted before. Below are the transformation from conceptual drawings to actual work..
There are a slight different in between design proposal to actual build up due to the usage issue and costing.

Living hall


Dining hall


Store room
Dry kitchen

Master bedroom

drawings to end result

Lately i received few comments regarding this blog..

"i have seen your photo on before and after renovation and also, the drawings and photo on before and after-conceptual drawing, but i have doubt on the process in between..which, the proposed design drawings and the end product. I think you should also show it in your blog.."

ya..i guess, i should also include this into my future blog, so that reader will understand more on the design process..the transformation from drawings to actual outcome..
thanks all..thanks for your precious comment..:)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009
" THAT is really opinion...just get an ID to design and discuss wif ID the exact measurements and details of the drawings and then engage a carpenter yourself. Go direct is better.if u go thru ID, they will "up" the cost. but make sure the carpenter knows and has the material you want. That's what i did for all my furnitures....mostly are built in. from cabinets to beds."

I got this comments from one of my client (she come across this from one of the forum in town.) No right or wrong, to me everything come with pro and cons.

To hire a ID in renovations works.
  • time saver
  • cost saver (at the end of the day to avoid repeat work, i believe those who handle renovation themselve will understand what am i talking bout "double work").
  • designer will always make sure the fabrication of the designed furniture meet their requirement.
  • end user need to spend lots of time dealing with carpenter/contractor and it usually take very long time to deal with contractor unless end user very familiar with renovations works
  • designer able to give you option in site problem - which will take design concept into considerations.
  • the renovations cost might be slightly higher in compare direct with carpenter (if renovations goes smoothly).
  • end user will be able to involve every single detail in renovations which it will be an unforgettable experienced if you able to manage it and be able to spare your time for the renovation works.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

designing fees

Wednesday, December 23, 2009
These are the frequent questions ask:
  • Is it expensive to engage designer?
It's depends on scope.
  • How do you charge?
It's depends on scope.
  • I only intend to renovate my living hall but not whole is not worth for me to pay all ..
That's what i mean by scope.

Basically as an interior designer, that's several method of design fees to be charges
By %
% of the whole renovation sum.

Suitable for:
  • major renovations works.

  • designer will cover every single area for you.

  • usually will be costly compare to others method. reason?
no matter you need the area to be furbish or not (especially for the new house) the designing fees is in-counter.

Example: renovation fees rm? x ?% = rm?

By area
Selected area only usually based to square feet

Suitable for:
  • Those only wish to design/renovate on selected area
  • Cost saver reason being the fees doesn't include those area that you don't intend to have renovation
  • Not every single detail is included.

Example: office reception 500square feet x rm? = rm?
By piece (paper size)
Selected view only usually based to paper size. Bigger paper, higher price.

Suitable for:
  • Those only wish to design/renovate on selected area or selected furniture.
  • Cost saver - the fees doesn't include those area that you don't intend to have renovation
  • Option in choosing type of design stage that's fit your intention.
    eg: you only need conceptual design (3d drawings) but don't need working drawings.(pls refer to design process)
  • Not every single detail is included.
  • Not suitable for major renovations work.

Example: 5 view for 2 storey terrance x rm? (per pc rate) = rm?
By projects/lumpsum/turnkey
Drawings for all area is included. Similar to % calculation but involve more scope from work scope A-Z as per agreement state.

Suitable for:
  • Those need designer to handle the design and renovate works one stop.
  • Usually, the designer will able to follow up a-z.
  • Time saver.
  • Able to control the result much better.
  • During renovation end user only need to deal with designer who is the one with experience in site work.
  • Usually the proposed renovation cost will be relatively higher in compare on direct from contractor reason being the renovation cost will include management charge.
By service scope
Selected scope only (design process) example:
  1. conceptual design
  2. working drawings
  3. sourcing
  4. site coordination
  5. site supervising
  6. consultation

Suitable for:
  • Options in selected services
  • Flexibility in selected the service scope that you need from a designer
  • End user might be unsure on what they need throughout the process especially for those who don't have experienced in handling renovations work.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009 dangerious!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
"Oh ...don't u feel insecure to post your design photo/drawings in blog? Reader can just copy your design without hiring you.."

That's a sincere advised from a good friend of mine.

"Don't worry, if they experienced in renovations process before, they will understand it is difficult to transform the design direct from the book/photo to reality as it is involve lots of consideration, and at the will be disappointment with the outcome and double work."

She still seem not understand what i am trying to tell her..

i show her an example:
"do your purchase anything clothing from internet before?"

"yes. i did"

"do u experienced this.......from the picture it look nice and fitting onto the model, but when you received the particular dress it is oversize or smaller as what you expected? or..the material is not really comfortable to wear..and etc?"

"yes..but how does it relate to our topic then?"

i illustrated it as below:

clothing = design that "copy" from blog/website/book

fitting (body shape) = interior spaces (the size of your house/retail/office...etc)

When we buy clothing from internet (design that copy from blog...) ,the clothing (design) is nice on the model (interior space that you seen in the photo) but, when put it on us might not fitting or as comfortable as what we thought..

we might copy the interior idea from the book/blog/etc...but, with that particular design..we never consider that, it might be slightly too small, too bulky or not practical for our house/office/retail...and it involved even more practical issue in compare to dress..:material, measurement, durability, handling contractor, how to assemble every single thing together...

And of cause, we might be saving the cost in hiring a designer at first........ anyhow, everything come with pro and right or wrong..but something to look at..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lifestyle vs interior design

Sunday, December 13, 2009
Sometimes i feel little heart pain when revisit my formal client house which design by myself..

Reason being, i found that..that's lots of "new furniture " appear in the particular space. Frankly is really such a waste ,where, paying so much to refurbish the interior...but at the end, due to the maintenance issue..and..its look kinda messy and pack with those unexpected new furniture and yet it seem necessary to be there to full fill the usage issue.

I found that, it's happen due to lack of understand of our lifestyle, that's also the common question we ask our client before start do design the area for them
"Do you understand your lifestyle?"

Why does it important and relevant in understanding lifestyle vs design?
1) Its helps in storage planning.
Where we can actually adopt your daily behavior into storage planning. So that you can have your storage area which sufficient for you and easy to access.

2) save $ and time
Yes, we need your help to tell us, how you use the particular area, from there we will be able to design a space which is suitable and convenience for you.
Therefore, those unwanted stuff we can ignore(less item to be done). Also, it will be save your precious time and $ search to search for additional storage furniture in future ( might not suit the interior that renovated few months ago) in a does not fit your purpose of getting a interior designer for your house..(you pay for us!! let us do the planning for you!)

3) less maintenance
by knowing the your daily activity eg:
from the moment you park your car, get in to ur house, looking for a place for your key ....

that's where we proposed the furniture layout which you can have a flow, that match your lifestyle. And you will have less maintenance once you understand your own lifestyle(close storage?open storage?..)

How to justify my lifestyle?
Just take current house/working space as a guild...
  • Anything that make you feel annoying.. ?
  • The particular cabinet where you hardly reach due to inconveniences?
  • The stuck of clothing which meant to be in cabinet but it is not?
  • The pants/t shirt which you will wear daily but too troublesome for you to place it back to wardrobe daily?
  • Your shoes..?keys?
  • Book shelve too dusty?
  • Too many decorative cabinet? hard to maintain?
  • Current living too deep for reading? will lead you on what you need...

Please allow us to understand you more and transform your need..into the space that soon to be your dream.

Little pressure

Lately, i feel a little pressure while preparing my blog. I hope that this will not be a commercial blog and yet, i found that i unconsciously put too many of my personal opinion in encouraging you all in hiring a designer or the advantages of hiring a designer, the comparison between designer and contractor...
i really wish that those who read my blog will benefit in related topic. No hard feeling. No commercial issue involved. Just a sincere sharing bout what i experienced during my work life.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Office Interior Fitting-out @ Klang

Saturday, December 12, 2009
Project type: Office Interior Fitting-out @ Klang

Design concept: Modern
It is a factory cum office located at Klang which already come with gypsum board partition by previous owner. In order to save the renovation cost, therefore, we tried using the partition which left over by previous owner

Foyer @ ground floor
Alteration work involve:
  • New glass door
  • New backing for poster display.
  • Company signage
  • New carpet flooring

Note: empty backing to receive poster

Reception @ 1st floor
The owner of this company is a feng shui believer , which he try to avoid dominance sharp aches in his new office especially to make the existing pillar look more pleasant. Therefore, we decided to propose a design which suit his requi



Pillar had been dressed up by carpentry works which ,it is a continuous design as continued to reception counter. The main concept in the design of the counter is minimizing in appearing of sharp corner.

Waiting area @ 1st floor



Common office
@ 1st floor





Pantry @ 1st floor


Before & After- 2 storey terrace @ Kl

Housing type: 2 storey terrace @ DPC

Design concept: Modern contemporary

Outdoor landscape & car porch
Alteration work involve:
  • New landscape and water feature.
  • New pagoda with clear glass supported by steel structure.

View to garden

View to car porch

Living hall






Door to utility

A display console cum sliding panel is built to cover the utility door.

Dining hall cum open dry kitchen




Thursday, December 3, 2009


Thursday, December 3, 2009
Today one of my friend asked me this question..

"what's the design trend now ar? I heard that nowadays not so "hing" strong colour for house interior ya.."

Trend? what is trend? It is the main consideration in design? To me..especially for house design...the main consideration is always on how comfort the space is for end user.
I should emphasized, as designer our main duty is to transform your preferences to your dream home. Make it a home which is customized for yourself, but not the trend.

Please don't blindly follow is a home to stay but not a house to show.

hiring contractor-things to be consider

I think it is a good examples when we looking for supplier on any renovation project..especially those who intend to handle the renovation themselves ...
reason being, the one who quoted you lower price, might consists lots of hidden issue or cost which they will not tell you before you engage them ...And, most of the owner might not have experienced in renovation, therefore the only thing that may attracted you will be the figure...but you will never know, that's lots of hidden cost involve and they may not really quoted you what you the time you aware of might be slightly too late to regret.

Yesterday went for a meeting at client's office..meeting up with 2 shortlisted supplier for my client's new office.

2 suppliers, same project, pricing different is up to 200%.

During the meeting....
Supplier A
" i divided the zone into 4, using xxx material"

Supplier B
" i divided the zone into 10, using yyyy material"

"how to justify this zoning?in stead of 3 or 6 or stead of your proposed zoning?" we asked

Supplier A
" As per my experienced, 4 zone is good enough. But i can't tell u now where the specific zone divide.."

Supplier B
" we calculated the zoning as per formula, and also the lesser zone it is, the bigger machine needed, you might be facing insufficient capacity in future, also sound will b increased . Second, the space for machine installation also requested higher..."

"any nego on the pricing?" we asked

Supplier A
" Emm...nope, the proposed price i believe is much lower compare to others competitors.."

Supplier B
" Emm...actually my profit margin is quite low, i am not sure how much others quoted you, but i believe it is different proposal that's cause the price differently....."

"Future maintenance?" we asked

Supplier A
" can be done by appointment.."

Supplier B
" we include 2 years free maintenance....."

how to post commend?

How come can't post commend? Click where oh? so troublesome..
Lately, lots of my friends ask me these question...therefore, i wish to share with you to post a commend....

Step 1

Under any post..

Step 2
write commend in the dialog box.

Step 3

click Post commend

Step 4

you will ask to chose a profile...Step 5

Select one of the profile
Google account = gmail email address

Live journal,Word press,typepad - sorry..i also don't know...hahah

AIM = your AIM Account loh...

Open ID= any nick that you wish to.

Name/URL= Webpage loh...

Anonymous= don't need any name loh..

Interior designer...???Who are they??

Lots of my friends, clients, misunderstand that an interior designer is the one who ONLY design the kitchen cabinet, wardrobe.....and etc.
It is something i would like to clarify long ago. No right or wrong.....(no hard feeling..)
Actually, an interior designer task is not only to help you to design your kitchen cabinet nor wardrobe...but they are the one who help you to create the ambiance of the particular area, for eg: kitchen. They are not ONLY to design the kitchen cabinet for you but..they will propose as overall; incorporate with below aspect in order to create the ambiance that suit your expectation and lifestyle:

  • ceiling , floor and wall design (material, colour...)
  • circulation (based to your daily usage and lifestyle)
  • lighting
  • existing site solution (i believe those who renovate their house before, office...before, facing this problem..which after view the site, they found the unexpected beam/column at the space they intend to have some built in..that's where interior design able to "adopt" all this "unnecessary" and "unexpected" situation into the design )
Therefore, don't get into the trap, which, some design firm will encourage you to have as much as build in cabinet as possible (except you think it is necessary)... It is not the only solution to bring up the area that you wish to. In fact, you might able to save your renovation cost by just changing the colour of your wall or just by adding a nice art piece.

That day, i met with one of my long lost fren, when she knew that i am actually an interior designer, the first question she asked me was
"oh, where is your showroom?" ...honestly, i was kinda "surprise"
"no showroom wor...y?" i answered.
"how come no showroom? then how you show your kitchen design to your client?"
finally, i got what she meant...she thought...interior designer = kitchen specialist.....i guess....lots of people have same thought as well....

design process?????????

Transformation from drawings to realityThis is one of the frequent question asked from my friends and clients...what is the process involve when dealing with new project/ much will they charge? Even, one of my friend who is work in construction firm told me that :" interior designer, you guys only need to simply draw something then can earn money d..unlike so hard." me no right or wrong, i guess it is just misunderstanding that interior designer scope of work is only "simply" produce drawing. In fact, designer effort is not solely on the "drawings" but is the effort and knowledge adopt eg:
  • a fengshui master might not provide u any "solid" product but just consultation to make your life better;
  • you pay for a specialist for consultation when you are ill;
it same goes with interior designer, our product is on consultation to "cure" the interior "illness".

After all the commend and question from my lovely friends and c
lient, i finally conclude, it might be lack of understanding of the design process...

Design process:
Stage 1:
Understanding on end user needs and lifestyle
  • function of the space
  • number of occupancy
  • preferences
  • behavior in using the particular area
  • how long does you intend to stay in this place
  • renovation budget
  • etc..
Stage 2:
Conceptual design
after getting the brief (based to stage 1) from end user, designer will "convert" the brief to design which link with end user expectation .Then, provide varies drawings so that end user have better understanding on their house/office/etc to be. Below are the types of drawings involve:

stage 2.1:
Furniture layout plan
Furniture layout plan is very important. It justify the flow of interior that's suit your daily

stage 2.2:
Conceptual board/idea

"How do i know, the thing you design is what in my mind?".
Therefore, before get into 3d design drawings, we need to
communicate with the end user on their preferences eg:
"i like modern concept.."
modern is a broad..therefore, based to this, we will showingg them varies concept photo:
stage 2.2:
3d design drawing
we will proceed to 3d designed drawing after communicate with client on their preferences concept (based to the conceptual idea stage discussion-stage 2.1)

stage 3
it is a set of drawings included:
  • reflected ceiling plan (ceiling designed layout plan)
  • lighting layout plan (light location, switches control point..)
  • m&e layout plan (power point, tel point, heater, air con..location)
  • flooring layout plan (flooring design, joinery ...)
  • plumbing layout plan
  • new wall partition layout plan
  • full wall elevations (to understand adjacent object)
  • furniture detail (material, compartment size so that end user will be able to judge the amount of storage which customize as per their need, the usage of the furniture and etc..)
  • material samples (so that, you will have better understanding on the material .the pro and cons of applying these material)
sample of a simple elevations drawing

  • so that end user have better understanding on the renovation work.
  • to ensure contractor quote as per design to reduce hidden cost.
  • to ensure mutual understanding in between, end user, designer & contractor.
  • to ensure contractor do their work according to design.
stage 4
this is where, the transformation of drawing ---> reality
  • before renovation job, designer will explain to site coordinate (if any) or contractor on the working drawings.
  • during renovation site coordinator (if any) will double check on the renovation works if it is according to the designer specification.
sorry, if make you guys feel bored with this long long long post..heheheh......
-the end-

pity pity designer

yesterday, about this time...was chatting with one of my new friend in msn...i feel a bit funny bout the question he asked...

" you are designer?"
"yes, i do."
"so, you study design last time?"
(else? study account and now work as designer meh???)

emm...i think that's a very common question...but yet make me feel a bit uneasy....Y??? because, lots of people really think that, anyone can be an interior will hardly hear ppl asking an accountant, engineer, doctor, QS.... same question...probably they sound more professional...

really wish that one day, government will set more rules to protect us as designer right....haiz...pity..pity


case 1

"doctor, i hav cough.."
"ok..let me check..k...take this medicine .."
"doctor, can i pay u after i cure from my sickness? cause i not
sure your medicine will help.."

case 2
"master, so what are the alternative name suit my new born son?"
"ok .these few name suit him very well"
"oh..thanks master. i will pay you if i pick the name you provided me just now.."

what come to your mind after reading these 2 cases?
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