Friday, January 1, 2010


Friday, January 1, 2010
Lately, i received few question /comment and here, are some of the feedback:

1) Been scrolling up and down, but still don't manage to find your contact..y?

Just added contact number and email...below the blog...thanks for your advice...

2) How do you charge?

We charge as per scope of work.

3) You only show Before and after photo, how close the end result to the proposed drawing?

Of cause it is one of our mission, to build as per proposed design .
Anyhow, there are cases that throughout the renovations process, due to site condition, slight adjustment will be done upon discussion with client, but we will always solve these site problem in regardless of proposed concept. (please refer posting label
drawing-end result)


Sin Tai Lim said...

Does your scope of work involve the construction or just mere design & supervision?

Design...Point said...

Sin Tai, ....actually both, but also depends on client brief...

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