Tuesday, December 15, 2009

oh...is dangerious!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009
"Oh ...don't u feel insecure to post your design photo/drawings in blog? Reader can just copy your design without hiring you.."

That's a sincere advised from a good friend of mine.

"Don't worry, if they experienced in renovations process before, they will understand it is difficult to transform the design direct from the book/photo to reality as it is involve lots of consideration, and at the end...it will be disappointment with the outcome and double work."

She still seem not understand what i am trying to tell her..

i show her an example:
"do your purchase anything clothing from internet before?"

"yes. i did"

"do u experienced this.......from the picture it look nice and fitting onto the model, but when you received the particular dress it is oversize or smaller as what you expected? or..the material is not really comfortable to wear..and etc?"

"yes..but how does it relate to our topic then?"

i illustrated it as below:

clothing = design that "copy" from blog/website/book

fitting (body shape) = interior spaces (the size of your house/retail/office...etc)

When we buy clothing from internet (design that copy from blog...) ,the clothing (design) is nice on the model (interior space that you seen in the photo) but, when put it on us ..it might not fitting or as comfortable as what we thought..

we might copy the interior idea from the book/blog/etc...but, with that particular design..we never consider that, it might be slightly too small, too bulky or not practical for our house/office/retail...and it involved even more practical issue in compare to dress..:material, measurement, durability, handling contractor, how to assemble every single thing together...

And of cause, we might be saving the cost in hiring a designer at first........ anyhow, everything come with pro and cons....no right or wrong..but something to look at..


Anonymous said...

people no need to copy the whole design, they can just pick the section they like, might be the color combination, type of furniture and so on.....there's still a risk u will lost ur customer...

LittleLamb said...

I dont think you need to worry because in fact there are a lot of IDs / Contractors out there. Designs, in some way there is similarity. Its whether it is similar 1% or 100%. whatever it is, in this modern age, sharing is learning. and if people use ur design, be happy. means ur design is acceptable!

Design...Point said...
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Design...Point said...

i think nothing to be worry to..

klinik said...

Pardon my ignorance, if any. But I always have the impression that ID designers focused a lot on the aesthetic aspect,not practicality.For example, my electrician had advised me not to place the fridge too near against the wall to allow circulation of air thus prolonging the lifespan but a lot of 'designer kitchens' place the fridge in a box-like space bordered all around by cabinets.Wouldn't you see this as 'not practical'?

Design...Point said...

Hi..Klinik, thanks for dropping by my blog. It is really good that you share with us bout your doubt.

To me..everything come with pro and cons. As a designer, our task is to understand owner need, by then, "link" their need into the design.

Just take the fridge boxed up as an example, before fabrication, we will discuss with owner what is the pro and cons of boxed up the fridge,

the pro is..to many people it will look neat (also depends on individual cause design is very subjective).

the cons will be, if in future, when you need to change the fridge, that's a limitation of option due to the "size" is fixed.

we will also discuss with owner on the practical issue to be involve etc, maintainance and etc. From there, we will find a solution to fit their requirement.

eg: the boxed up fridge ventilation, we will communicate with electrician, electrical shop and carpenter on how ventilate the fridge, what is the ideal allowance gap to be spare and etc.

Practical or not practical is also depends on individual and the understanding of lifestyle.

Everything come with options, is depends on what we aim for.

klinik said...

Ok, that's a bit more clear now. Tks & cont. your good work here.

Design...Point said...

no prob. Once again, thanks for sharing your doubt :)

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