Sunday, December 13, 2009

Lifestyle vs interior design

Sunday, December 13, 2009
Sometimes i feel little heart pain when revisit my formal client house which design by myself..

Reason being, i found that..that's lots of "new furniture " appear in the particular space. Frankly is really such a waste ,where, paying so much to refurbish the interior...but at the end, due to the maintenance issue..and..its look kinda messy and pack with those unexpected new furniture and yet it seem necessary to be there to full fill the usage issue.

I found that, it's happen due to lack of understand of our lifestyle, that's also the common question we ask our client before start do design the area for them
"Do you understand your lifestyle?"

Why does it important and relevant in understanding lifestyle vs design?
1) Its helps in storage planning.
Where we can actually adopt your daily behavior into storage planning. So that you can have your storage area which sufficient for you and easy to access.

2) save $ and time
Yes, we need your help to tell us, how you use the particular area, from there we will be able to design a space which is suitable and convenience for you.
Therefore, those unwanted stuff we can ignore(less item to be done). Also, it will be save your precious time and $ search to search for additional storage furniture in future ( might not suit the interior that renovated few months ago) in a does not fit your purpose of getting a interior designer for your house..(you pay for us!! let us do the planning for you!)

3) less maintenance
by knowing the your daily activity eg:
from the moment you park your car, get in to ur house, looking for a place for your key ....

that's where we proposed the furniture layout which you can have a flow, that match your lifestyle. And you will have less maintenance once you understand your own lifestyle(close storage?open storage?..)

How to justify my lifestyle?
Just take current house/working space as a guild...
  • Anything that make you feel annoying.. ?
  • The particular cabinet where you hardly reach due to inconveniences?
  • The stuck of clothing which meant to be in cabinet but it is not?
  • The pants/t shirt which you will wear daily but too troublesome for you to place it back to wardrobe daily?
  • Your shoes..?keys?
  • Book shelve too dusty?
  • Too many decorative cabinet? hard to maintain?
  • Current living too deep for reading? will lead you on what you need...

Please allow us to understand you more and transform your need..into the space that soon to be your dream.


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