Thursday, December 3, 2009


Thursday, December 3, 2009
Today one of my friend asked me this question..

"what's the design trend now ar? I heard that nowadays not so "hing" strong colour for house interior ya.."

Trend? what is trend? It is the main consideration in design? To me..especially for house design...the main consideration is always on how comfort the space is for end user.
I should emphasized, as designer our main duty is to transform your preferences to your dream home. Make it a home which is customized for yourself, but not the trend.

Please don't blindly follow is a home to stay but not a house to show.


Chan said...

Hi, i will be getting keys for my new house, planning for renovation now. if I don't want plaster ceiling, any other way to install down lights?

Design...Point said...

There's a type of downlight which can be install without plaster ceiling. But you will be seeing a "cylinder" box /"cube" beside the light fitting.

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