Thursday, December 3, 2009

design process?????????

Thursday, December 3, 2009
Transformation from drawings to realityThis is one of the frequent question asked from my friends and clients...what is the process involve when dealing with new project/ much will they charge? Even, one of my friend who is work in construction firm told me that :" interior designer, you guys only need to simply draw something then can earn money d..unlike so hard." me no right or wrong, i guess it is just misunderstanding that interior designer scope of work is only "simply" produce drawing. In fact, designer effort is not solely on the "drawings" but is the effort and knowledge adopt eg:
  • a fengshui master might not provide u any "solid" product but just consultation to make your life better;
  • you pay for a specialist for consultation when you are ill;
it same goes with interior designer, our product is on consultation to "cure" the interior "illness".

After all the commend and question from my lovely friends and c
lient, i finally conclude, it might be lack of understanding of the design process...

Design process:
Stage 1:
Understanding on end user needs and lifestyle
  • function of the space
  • number of occupancy
  • preferences
  • behavior in using the particular area
  • how long does you intend to stay in this place
  • renovation budget
  • etc..
Stage 2:
Conceptual design
after getting the brief (based to stage 1) from end user, designer will "convert" the brief to design which link with end user expectation .Then, provide varies drawings so that end user have better understanding on their house/office/etc to be. Below are the types of drawings involve:

stage 2.1:
Furniture layout plan
Furniture layout plan is very important. It justify the flow of interior that's suit your daily

stage 2.2:
Conceptual board/idea

"How do i know, the thing you design is what in my mind?".
Therefore, before get into 3d design drawings, we need to
communicate with the end user on their preferences eg:
"i like modern concept.."
modern is a broad..therefore, based to this, we will showingg them varies concept photo:
stage 2.2:
3d design drawing
we will proceed to 3d designed drawing after communicate with client on their preferences concept (based to the conceptual idea stage discussion-stage 2.1)

stage 3
it is a set of drawings included:
  • reflected ceiling plan (ceiling designed layout plan)
  • lighting layout plan (light location, switches control point..)
  • m&e layout plan (power point, tel point, heater, air con..location)
  • flooring layout plan (flooring design, joinery ...)
  • plumbing layout plan
  • new wall partition layout plan
  • full wall elevations (to understand adjacent object)
  • furniture detail (material, compartment size so that end user will be able to judge the amount of storage which customize as per their need, the usage of the furniture and etc..)
  • material samples (so that, you will have better understanding on the material .the pro and cons of applying these material)
sample of a simple elevations drawing

  • so that end user have better understanding on the renovation work.
  • to ensure contractor quote as per design to reduce hidden cost.
  • to ensure mutual understanding in between, end user, designer & contractor.
  • to ensure contractor do their work according to design.
stage 4
this is where, the transformation of drawing ---> reality
  • before renovation job, designer will explain to site coordinate (if any) or contractor on the working drawings.
  • during renovation site coordinator (if any) will double check on the renovation works if it is according to the designer specification.
sorry, if make you guys feel bored with this long long long post..heheheh......
-the end-


Chan said...

so at which stage that you will charge the designing fees, and if I engage you to do the construction work, will the design fees be waived?

Anonymous said...

Hi Chan, just noticed your commend...and i think Yee have reply your mail on the relative question?

littlestars said...

Hi! Is laminated wooden floor better? Or tiles better?

Anonymous said...

Wish is better is depends on where you going to use it.

Wooden floor
a) more comfortable for bedroom- softer surface & less "freezing" feeling for foot.
b) look more cozy
c) maintenance-harder compare to tiles

a) heavy duty
b) big tiles - look classy
c) cool feeling
d) less cozy
e) workmanship is issue for tiling.

littlestars said...

How to maintain the wooden floor? And need to worry of termite?

littlestars said...

how do u charge? do you provide free consultation?

Design...Point said...

- keep wooden floor out of water.
- keep sand/stone/sharp item from wooden floor-scratches
- Termite - some wooden floor come with termite treatment,but i think it will be best if you hv ur treatment before installation (from those termite specialist

How do we charge?
-In what item?if for wooden flooring, it will be cheaper if u go direct to your wooden supplier..
- consultation - you can always dropby my blog and we can share and discuss bout your doubt in design and renovation

littlestars said...

If the termite treatment has been done before installation, would that be enough? How long would it stand? Need to do other times?

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