Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009
" THAT is really opinion...just get an ID to design and discuss wif ID the exact measurements and details of the drawings and then engage a carpenter yourself. Go direct is better.if u go thru ID, they will "up" the cost. but make sure the carpenter knows and has the material you want. That's what i did for all my furnitures....mostly are built in. from cabinets to beds."

I got this comments from one of my client (she come across this from one of the forum in town.) No right or wrong, to me everything come with pro and cons.

To hire a ID in renovations works.
  • time saver
  • cost saver (at the end of the day to avoid repeat work, i believe those who handle renovation themselve will understand what am i talking bout "double work").
  • designer will always make sure the fabrication of the designed furniture meet their requirement.
  • end user need to spend lots of time dealing with carpenter/contractor and it usually take very long time to deal with contractor unless end user very familiar with renovations works
  • designer able to give you option in site problem - which will take design concept into considerations.
  • the renovations cost might be slightly higher in compare direct with carpenter (if renovations goes smoothly).
  • end user will be able to involve every single detail in renovations which it will be an unforgettable experienced if you able to manage it and be able to spare your time for the renovation works.


Life for Beginners said...

Hey there, ew!

Just wanted to say thanks for dropping over my blog and man, am I glad I dropped by yours too! Your "AFTER" designs are fantastic!

Maybe one day when I purchase a place of my own, I can be fortunate enough to avail myself of your professional (and obviously very talented) services! :)

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

hi there...

thanks for the tips. hope you put in more ID tips in your blog. maybe how to arrange lighting and stuff or choosing kitchen material

Design...Point said...

hi aurinh, thanks for your suggestion and visited my blog.

Planning to post more design tips in my blog soon.

Also, pls feel free to leave any comment if you do facing any enquiry in design or renovations work.

thanks again

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