Thursday, December 3, 2009


Thursday, December 3, 2009
case 1

"doctor, i hav cough.."
"ok..let me check..k...take this medicine .."
"doctor, can i pay u after i cure from my sickness? cause i not
sure your medicine will help.."

case 2
"master, so what are the alternative name suit my new born son?"
"ok .these few name suit him very well"
"oh..thanks master. i will pay you if i pick the name you provided me just now.."

what come to your mind after reading these 2 cases?


Anonymous said...

haha... good one, but I think the mentality is different because of how the rest of the industry is doing it

Of course you could try to persuade your client, but I do think that it would be much more effective if the industry is at least, trying to move to the direction of making the customers aware of your value-added services.

I guess it's right to say that, customer will always think it's expensive, no matter what price you quote, but expensive is a relative term within the quotations that cutomer gets, so the unethical way is, whole industry increase price!

Design...Point said...

You are very right....that's y u said...pity designer.hahahah..
Anyway..i believe every industry hv their difficulty especially in developing country...
Thanks for dropping by my blog :) ' reading all my nonsense post...:)

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