Thursday, December 3, 2009

Interior designer...???Who are they??

Thursday, December 3, 2009
Lots of my friends, clients, misunderstand that an interior designer is the one who ONLY design the kitchen cabinet, wardrobe.....and etc.
It is something i would like to clarify long ago. No right or wrong.....(no hard feeling..)
Actually, an interior designer task is not only to help you to design your kitchen cabinet nor wardrobe...but they are the one who help you to create the ambiance of the particular area, for eg: kitchen. They are not ONLY to design the kitchen cabinet for you but..they will propose as overall; incorporate with below aspect in order to create the ambiance that suit your expectation and lifestyle:

  • ceiling , floor and wall design (material, colour...)
  • circulation (based to your daily usage and lifestyle)
  • lighting
  • existing site solution (i believe those who renovate their house before, office...before, facing this problem..which after view the site, they found the unexpected beam/column at the space they intend to have some built in..that's where interior design able to "adopt" all this "unnecessary" and "unexpected" situation into the design )
Therefore, don't get into the trap, which, some design firm will encourage you to have as much as build in cabinet as possible (except you think it is necessary)... It is not the only solution to bring up the area that you wish to. In fact, you might able to save your renovation cost by just changing the colour of your wall or just by adding a nice art piece.

That day, i met with one of my long lost fren, when she knew that i am actually an interior designer, the first question she asked me was
"oh, where is your showroom?" ...honestly, i was kinda "surprise"
"no showroom wor...y?" i answered.
"how come no showroom? then how you show your kitchen design to your client?"
finally, i got what she meant...she thought...interior designer = kitchen specialist.....i guess....lots of people have same thought as well....


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